Celebrating 50 years of processing quality Fishmeal and Fish oil
Welcome to Abideen and Company

This company was founded by our forefathers in the name of Shirmyn Sea Foods. Having begun this company as a cottage Industry, in the 70s the company changed the face of the fishmeal industry in Pakistan by being the first to import State of the Art machinery to process raw material obtained from the Arabian Sea. With the introduction of quality fishmeal, in the 70s this company became one of the largest exporters of fishmeal to Europe. Since then, our machinery has been upgraded in 1983, 2005 and 2011. Those who know our name associate us with the highest quality product and services at the most economical prices.

We have now grown in size, and while our Company exports annually over 8000 m/t of fishmeal to China, Vietnam and Malaysia, we continue to take great pride in concentrating on quality and personalized service. And, we continue to serve our customers with the same ethos and much humility.