Celebrating 50 years of processing quality Fishmeal and Fish oil
Quality Assurance

Quality control measures are an integral component of the manufacturing process at Abideen and Company. We give unprecedented importance to these measures as we understand the products value to the ultimate consumer.

It is for this reason that we have check points throughout the critical path of the manufacturing process beginning with a complete inventory of the raw material to facilitate traceability, to reduce the risks to the extent possible of any possible hazard including contamination to the raw material and fishmeal prior to, during and after its production.

Our products are certified by approved competent authorities.

Quality Available during the season:

Fishmeal Specifications
Protein 58-65%
Fat 13% max
Moisture 10 % max
Sand and Salt Combined 4% max
Sand alone 2% max
Ash 22% max
Anti Oxidant 150 ppm min
Fish Oil Specifications
Moisture 1% max
Impurities 1% max
Antioxidant Treated
Free Fatty Acid 5% max
Iodine value 160 min