Celebrating 50 years of processing quality Fishmeal and Fish oil
Welcome to Abideen and Company
This is a family owned business, where our customers come first. Our mission is to produce the finest quality fishmeal and fish oil produced under the most hygienic conditions. Our fishmeal is suitable for animal feed including aquaculture. The raw material is processed under close supervision. We ensure that the time lag between production and delivery is as short as possible. This guarantees freshness of the product and the need for limited use of preservatives. The objective is to ensure that the product reaches the final consumer as soon as possible.
Who We Are?
This Company was established in 1961. This company was founded by our forefathers in the name of Shirmyn Sea Foods. Having begun this company as a cottage Industry, in the 70s the company changed the face of the fishmeal industry in Pakistan by being the first to import State of the Art machinery..
Our Products?
We are a company that manufactures fishmeal and fish oil. The raw material for this purpose includes Anchovies and Sardines. This raw material is caught from the Arabian Sea and is brought to the shore by a contract fleet of dedicated fishing trawlers. To ensure quality in our processes HACCP is in place..